Replot local museum


Replot hembygdsmuseum

Briefly about the Museum

Replot local museum reflects a typical archipelago homestead. Here you can see practical everyday objects, furniture and handmade clothes. Especially characteristic of Replot is painted folk furniture, often with hints of green.

Besides fishing, which was a main industry on the island, sheep farming was an important part of the island residents sustenance, both for their meat and their wool. Many artifacts related to wool and textiles are preserved in the museum. In the winter the islanders made a living from different crafts and there was many skilled carpenters at Replot.

The proximity to the sea and the sailor's life is visible through items such as compasses, various fishing nets, snowshoes made outof sealskins and corals from the Pacific.

Address:  Alexandersgatan 50, 65800, Replot